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Tripp's Cane Corsi

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Puppies are available for shipping through commercial airlines. Buyer is responsible for shipping, crate, and health certificate costs. The price for a health certificate including certificate of acclimation is usually around $15 and the crate for 8 wk old puppies is around $50 for a series 200 kennel(dimensions are usually 27x20x19 and weighs approx 12 lbs). Below you will find necessary information regarding shipping policies through the various airlines. All associated shipping costs must be paid in advance; no CODs are accepted with any airline. Puppies cannot be shipped until 8 wks old-no exceptions. Temperatures for day of shipping must be between 45-85 degrees Fahrenheit unless shipping with Continental (they provide climate-controlled shipping) .

Commercial Airline price quotes and contact information:
American Airlines: 1-800-334-5299
(shipped through Priority Parcel method)
Prices range from $173-$230 depending on originating and destination cities. A significant discount is applied if you are active military or family member with ID card ($80-$120)
You can calculate actual cost by clicking this link

Minimum charge of $153, weight of pet plus kennel multiplied by the per pound rate, plus kennel dimensions times per pound rate. Click the link located above for more detailed information.

Continental: *no longer shipping cane corsos

Northwest Airlines:  1-800-NWCARGO
Effective: January 1, 2007 - December 31, 2007
Weight (lbs.)
1-20 lbs.
51-50 lbs.
51-70 lbs.
71-100 lbs.

Price (US$)





Note: All rates shown are in U.S. dollars and do not include applicable taxes and surcharges. Rates are subject to change without notice
for United Airlines requirements to ship animals click
Must Call United Airlines for prices